How to hack any WhatsApp Account Successfully

Nowadays WhatsApp is one of the most common communication applications. It is very convenient in
sending and receiving messages to staying in touch with people all around the world.
However, before using this application, you have to get complete information about such applications to
carefully use them. As there are many hacking tools available that can harm your privacy and stealing
your private information.

There are many ways to hack a WhatsApp account, even if your application encrypts all messages and
has safe servers. Here are some simple ways used to hack a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Web hacks with QR code

Every WhatsApp account has a private QR code that lets you open the WhatsApp web session on your

If you can get the QR code of your victim, you can easily open the WhatsApp web session on your
computer and get the way to his privacy. Here are the steps of hacking a WhatsApp account with QR

 First of all, get the target’s phone
 Open WhatsApp web in the device menu
 Open WhatsApp web session on your computer and scan QR code from target’s device

The WhatsApp web session will open up. Then you can see all the chats, messages, and contact details in
the target’s account.

But the hacking with the QR code is risky, as the target will get a notification of web session opening and
he will know someone is hacking his account. The target will also get logged-in device details, so he may
trace the hacker.

However, it’s a very easy method to hack a WhatsApp account. The best time to attempt this hacking is
when the target is asleep or when he is not checking his phone. You can also use VPN to stop the target
from tracing the hack.

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WhatsApp Hack Using Online Hacking

The Internet is the best source to find precise hacking tools. There are various techniques available on
the internet to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. For the correct result, you have to provide accurate
details about the target’s account like his WhatsApp account number. It will take a few seconds for
hacking the information. Then the target’s information will be displayed on your computer.
If you need to detect your children’s actions and their secret contacts on applications, this method can
be helpful for you.

Hack WhatsApp with Spoofing Method

This method is not an easy hacking method. For attempting this technique you have to be technically
sound and complete the process successfully. In this method, the MAC device address is used to spy on
any WhatsApp account and allow using the same WhatsApp account on a different device with the
matching MAC address. You just have to collect the specifics of the target’s device, and then you will
easily spoof it on your phone.

This hacking method is a little challenging, therefore you need to have enough technical information.
You need to keep an eye on the target’s MAC device address. It is better to make a note of the target’s
device address and then spoof it.

If your target is using an Android phone, you need to go to the target’s phone settings to find the status
and discover the Wi-Fi MAC address. For the iPhone, you have to go to general phone settings and then
find a Wi-Fi address. In the case of blackberry users, go to the phone setting and then status info and
then to WLAN MAC address.

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Spy a WhatsApp account with Spyic

In this hacking method, an application is installed on the target’s device to record receiving and sending
messages. An app Sypic makes you able to monitor your target’s WhatsApp activities automatically.
The Spyic can hack WhatsApp accounts both on IOS and Android devices. This application works

Hack WhatsApp Account via Answering Video Call

It may sound unusual whether a WhatsApp account can be hacked through a video call, but it is
possible. It is a difficult task for beginners, but expert hackers can easily get access to the target’s device
remotely. In this method, the hackers simply made a video call using WhatsApp. If the user responds the
hacker easily gets control over the device.

Hacking WhatsApp Through Google Drive Backup

Yes, a WhatsApp account also can be hacked via Google drive backup. By transfer WhatsApp data on
Google Drive backup, a hacker can easily read the target’s incoming and outgoing messages without
getting into their device.

Google drive backup stores all the messages and multimedia files to the google drive account. You just
need to follow some steps to use Google drive account to get access to the user’s WhatsApp data.
For this process, the user device should sync with Google Drive account and the Google play services
should also be installed on the device. Moreover, Google Drive account should have some free space to
store the whole WhatsApp data and the device also requires some free space to carry out the backup.
Then by following the steps given below, you can easily get access to someone’s WhatsApp data via easy
data transfer into the Google Drive backup.

 Create a backup of entire WhatsApp data from the target’s device on the Google Drive account.
 Add the Google Drive account to a new device that you want to use for carrying out a backup.
 Then, install WhatsApp on a new device and verify the phone number with code, and then
restore data from Google drive backup to your device.
When the restoration process will over, you will be able to see all the chats and messages on your


Certainly, hacking someone’s personal information is not an ethical way to follow, but sometimes it is
important to monitor the activities of your children or someone else.
These conservatives hacking methods are not the easy option for general users, as it takes you through
several steps. However, to make hacking an easy process you can buy some useful hacking tools that
make most of the tasks automatically. The online hacking tools make the process simpler and save your

Using online software is the best way to hack a WhatsApp account. Spyic and Cocospy are hacking
applications that offer a simple and easiest way to hack a WhatsApp. Both applications are cheap and
100% discreet and you don’t need to get any technical information for it.

On the other hand, you should also be alert to your phone. Don’t let anyone access your phone and try
to hack your personal or professional data. Make sure you have the right antivirus on your device and
don’t open or click some unknown links. It’s good to use a PIN, password, or screen pattern to protect
your phone.

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