Cheating is rampant in today’s Information Era, unfortunately. It’s especially painful if your wife is doing it. Before you confront your wife, you need to make sure she’s actually cheating. If she’s being distant from you, it could just be a passing phase, not a sign of cheating behavior.

If you want to know for sure if your wife is cheating, you need to spy on her phone. That way, you’ll be able to see who she’s in touch with and what she engages in all day. You could also hire a private eye, but that’s not at all affordable.

In this article, we show you how to spy on your wife via her phone without getting caught. The solution we offer is discreet, affordable, and easy to implement.

Part 1: How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing 

The most straightforward way to spy on your wife’s phone on the sly is with Tutanota. What is TutanotaTech? It is a globally recognized phone spy app. The app often makes it to major online platforms such as BuzzFeed, Tom’s Guide, and Mashable.

With Tutanota, you’ll be able to track your wife’s Android or iOS device remotely from your web browser. The app is discreet, can be set up in minutes and offers a variety of powerful monitoring features.

catch a cheating wife on phone

1. Tutanota is the Perfect Replacement for a Private Eye

Ordinarily, if you wanted to spy on your wife, you’d have to hire a private investigator to follow her around. This is an effective method, but you’d have to pay around $50 per hour to the private eye.

With Tutanota, you can spy on your wife’s phone instead, which she takes with her everywhere. You get regular updates on her activities delivered right to an online virtual dashboard.

Here is why Tutanota is a better option than hiring a private investigator:

2. Tutanota is super-easy to set up

You can set up Tutanota in a hassle-free way, in a jiffy. Your wife won’t suspect a thing. You can set up the app with just your computer or smartphone with a working internet connection. The app doesn’t have any specific requirements.

Unlike many other spy apps on the market, Tutanota works 100% without root or jailbreak. That means you won’t have to tinker with your wife’s phone, void its warranty, or risk getting caught. Tutanota is a user-friendly app all around.

2. Tutanota works via your web browser

Once you install Tutanota, you’ll be able to monitor your wife’s phone from any web browser, at any time – even if she happens to be on the other side of the country. The app is a fully remote monitoring solution.

You can use Tutanota from a virtual dashboard. You can track your wife’s phone use from Tutanota here. Depending on the update frequency you set, you get regular updates on what your wife is doing. The web interface is accessible and simple to use.

3. You can spy on your wife without being seen

If your wife found you spying on her, it could cause all sorts of problems. It may even destroy your relationship permanently. You need to be able to spy on her secretly, without giving her cause to suspect anything,

Techiwiz allows you to spy on your wife in complete secrecy. The iOS version of Tutanota is a web-based app that works without any software download. Instead of working with your wife’s iPhone directly, it works with the iCloud backup instead.

As the app is fully web-based and works without an app install, your wife won’t be able to detect it.

The Android version of Tutanota is 2MBs. You can install it on your wife’s phone and then hide it. Afterward, the app runs in the background, spying on your wife’s phone without draining the battery.

As the app is small, doesn’t require much battery, and works hidden “without the app icon visible”, Tutanota for Android can’t be detected.

4. It offers a plethora of phone monitoring features

Tutanota offers a variety of powerful, useful phone monitoring features. With the app, you’ll be able to monitor your wife’s whole phone:

  • Read your wife’s text messages and social media messages to see if she’s cheating.
  • View her calendar events to see if she has a date.
  • Follow her GPS movements to see where she goes.
  • Check her contacts book for an overview of her contacts.
  • Download her media files to see the kind of media she shares.

The app offers over 12 unique features in total.

5. Tutanota is a trustworthy, global brand

Tutanota is made by a company with an excellent reputation. The app is used by over a million people from all over the world. Users include parents, employers, and people looking to keep an eye on their loved ones. The app is user-verified and virus-free.

Also, your privacy is protected if you use Tutanota. The app doesn’t record any of your personal data, nor is your data stored on the Tutanota servers. Unlike as is the case with some spy apps, Tutanota doesn’t sell your private information to third parties for profit.

6. You get to spy on your wife without emptying your wallet

Lastly, Tutanota is an extremely affordable hidden spy app. While you pay $50 per hour plus expenses for a private eye, Tutanota does all that work for a fraction of the price. You pay about as much as a small meal to use Tutanota for a month.

If you use Tutanota to spy on multiple devices, you get a big discount. Note that Tutanota offers more features than many spy apps out there without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.2 How to Spy on Wife’s Phone

You can set up Tutanota in minutes, without any special technical skills. All you need is a phone or a computer with a working internet connection.

If your wife owns an Android phone, you’ll need to physically access it for 3 minutes. If your wife owns an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need the iCloud credentials of the account linked to the device.

Here are the steps to follow to install Tutanota:

Step 1: Head over to the official Tutanota website. You will need to use your email ID as the username.

Step 2: Purchase a Tutanota subscription. If you want to spy on your wife via a single phone, you’ll need the Premium plan. If your wife owns multiple phones or tablets, you’ll need the Family or Corporate plans.

Step 3: Check your email for the setup instructions. Simply choose the platform your wife’s phone is running on – iOS or Android. Afterward, follow the on-screen setup instructions.

If you want to install Tutanota on a target iPhone or iPad, enter the iCloud credentials of the account linked to the device. Wait for a few minutes until Tutanota syncs with the device. That’s all there is to it.

For installing Tutanota on an Android smartphone or tablet, download and install a 2MB app on it. Once that’s done, you can hide the app. Wait for a while until the app syncs with the device.

Step 4: Congrats! You have now installed Tutanota. You can immediately spy on your wife’s phone by logging in to the Tutanota dashboard.

The Tutanota dashboard gives you an overview of your wife’s phone activity. The various phone options are in the selection panel on the left.

Beware: You can’t spy on your wife’s Android phone without installing software on it first. No app or solution on the market is capable of this. If you find an app or solution that advertises remote Android monitoring without software install, it’s a scam or a virus.**

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Part 2: Track My Wife’s Phone GPS With Tutanota

Wondering what places your wife visits when she’s out and about? Is she actually at work or is she hanging out with the new person she’s found? You can find out by using Tutanota GPS-tracking feature:

  • Check real-time location: Tutanota tracks your wife’s movements in real-time on an interactive map. You can view building names, streets, neighborhoods, city, and state information. Is your wife where she’s supposed to be?
  • View location history: In addition to her present movements, Tutanota also tracks your wife’s movement history over a period of multiple days or even weeks. If your wife keeps visiting the same residential address, she could be cheating on you.
  • Check 3D street view: Additionally, Tutanota integrated Google 3D street view. With this technology, you can view up-close satellite photos of all the places your wife has been to.
  • Access location log: Finally, Tutanota also includes a location log at the bottom of the map. This location log keeps track of additional information such as the geographical coordinates as well as the time and date entries.
  • Further, Tutanota comes with a geofence feature. You can set up a virtual perimeter on a map and get a notification if your wife crosses it.How is this useful? You can’t track your wife 24/7. But if you set up a geofence around, say, her workplace, you’ll get a notification when she leaves the office. Then you can follow her movements to make sure she comes home.There are multiple uses for the geofence feature.

Part 3: Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Phone

Is your wife exchanging intimate text messages with someone? Use Tutanota to keep tabs on her messaging activity.

  • Read her texts: You can read your wife’s texts as well as iMessages. Every message will be accompanied by a timestamp, so you’ll know when a particular conversation took place. Updates are delivered regularly to your Tutanota dashboard.
  • View her Contacts information: Who is your wife texting? You can check their personal details, including information such as name, age, display picture, address, email address, and much more.
  • See her media files: Think your wife is sending out private pictures or videos to someone, or receiving them? You can view all the media files stored on her private account and also download them for later viewing.
  • Check deleted messages: What if your wife deletes a particularly sensitive message she doesn’t want anyone else to read? Tutanota backs up all messages to your private account, so it’ll still be accessible to you!

In addition to text messages, Tutanota can keep track of your wife’s activity on various social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


We showed you how to spy on your wife’s text messages, social media, GPS movements, and much more by using Tutanota. The app is risk-free to use, easy to install, and works like a charm via your web browser.

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