Best Way to Hack WhatsApp Account

Messaging and social media apps are becoming more and more popular for communicating. It can be tempting to look for WhatsApp spyware which is one of the most popular messaging apps. In this article, you will find out everything there is to know about this application.

As well as the solutions that exist to put it under surveillance. You will learn more about WhatsApp, you will discover which applications you can use to hack WhatsApp. You will discover the possibilities of such applications. And finally, we will give you some classic cases of use of such a surveillance solution.

WhatsApp Hack Protection

Before seeing how it is possible to hack WhatsApp, it is necessary to consider other things. Start by looking at the functioning of the application and its protective measures.

WhatsApp protects its users by using an end-to-end encryption system. This ensures that only the sender and the recipient can consult the exchanges. The messages are transmitted encrypted to the servers of the WhatsApp application. The messages are then transferred, always encrypted, to the recipient’s device.

This data protection is called TextSecure, it was developed by the company Open Whisper System. It works thanks to two different keys, one public which is shared with the person with whom you correspond. It allows to transmit encrypted messages. The other key, which is private, is on the device of the users and allows to decrypt the messages.

WhatsApp is therefore a relatively secure application. Since this end-to-end encryption method prevents a message from being intercepted by conventional methods. However, despite these security measures and as often in the field of computers and telephony.

There may be security holes or circumvented means in order to achieve its goal. This is what we will see in the next part of this article. Which brings us to the next question.

Is it Possible to Hack WhatsApp?

As indicated, there are flaws and workarounds in many applications and devices in the field of telephony and computing. This means that there are many ways to hack WhatsApp remotely, and this, relatively easily.

There are so-called surveillance applications allowing access to instant messaging on the targeted device (which therefore allows spying on WhatsApp). But also a lot of other information and data, you will have in particular:

  • Access to exchanged SMS and MMS
  • Access to the geographic position of the device. As well as the possibility of receiving alerts if the device enters or leaves a zone defined in advance
  • You will be able to monitor the browsing history of the device browser as well as the saved bookmarks
  • You can access photos and videos in the device gallery
  • Some tools will sometimes even offer to listen to and record telephone conversations. As well as activate the microphone in order to listen to what is happening around the phone…

Many other functions may still be available such as monitoring emails, blocking applications, etc. In addition, all these functions are completely invisible to the user of the monitored telephone. So you can hack WhatsApp (in 2020) without the person who owns the device suspecting anything. However, you must have access to the device in order to install such a monitoring application.

It is possible to install the application remotely. Some monitoring solutions do not require the installation of an application, but require the use of iCloud identifiers. Among these applications, one especially stands out:

  • Remote Cell Phone Monitoring (RCM): This is undoubtedly the most popular and most used application. It offers many features, from GPS location to message monitoring, and has the advantage of working on both Android and iOS. It even works without rooting or jailbreaking. A must for surveillance.

How to Hack a WhatsApp Account without Installing an Application?

To hack a WhatsApp account secretly without causing an alert. The best way is to use an easy to use spy tool. And sometimes you don’t even need to install an app when the target device is an iPhone.

How to tell if someone is looking at my WhatsApp profile using RCM provides a web based phone monitoring solution. You can use it to hack WhatsApp without installing any extra on the target iPhone. And there is no need to jailbreak the target iOS device.

RCM Features:

  1. WhatsApp – You can access your WhatsApp account and monitor WhatsApp chat conversations. As well as social media activity in real time, with access to past data. That is, you can hack Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LINEWeChat and more using RCM.
  2. Location history – This will provide details of past places and routes taken by your loved one.
  3. Text messages – Using RCM, you can check all the messages. Including those that come and go and even those that have been deleted from the phone. You can also find out who is sending the messages by accessing phone contacts.
  4. Photos – You can not only see the photos, you can also download them using internet connection.
  5. Call Log – Spy on a cell phone and displays the call history from any mobile phone. This includes android device and ios mac address.
  6. No rooting or jailbreaking required – If the target device is an iPhone or iPad. You don’t need to install apps or free the target device. If the target device is Android phone, you don’t need root.
  7. There are indeed many other features that the RCM solution offers that you can also use.

Why Spy on WhatsApp?

Implementing a surveillance solution on devices does not necessarily imply illegal acts or malicious use. There are perfectly acceptable reasons to turn to this kind of software, especially in these cases:

  • Parental Control: Checking what children do with their devices in a very connected era is a concern for many parents. It is also a great way to protect them from the dangers they may encounter on the Internet.
  • Infidelity: It is not always easy to prove an infidelity, but it becomes easy as pie with a surveillance solution. By installing an application on surveillance on the device of the person who shares your life, you avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Productivity and Confidential: Preventing your employees from wasting time or revealing professional secrets. It becomes a reality through the use of a monitoring application.

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