How to Hack a Cell Phone

The title already tells you everything! Yes, it’s true. It is very easy to hack a phone. All those who are eager to hack the laptop of their wife or husband, their child, their boss or employee, have what it takes to achieve it. Still must not be deflated? But above all, how is it done? How to hack any phone without leaving a trace? We reveal to you absolutely all the ways and all the tricks. Right now!


  • 1 Phone hacking, let’s talk about it!
  • 2 Good reasons to hack a phone
  • 3 Hack a phone remotely
  • 4 Hack a cell phone without spending a round!
    • 4.1 How to hack a phone?
    • 4.2 How to hack a phone for spying?
  • 5 Learn to hack a phone
    • 5.1 Step 1: Find the right program
    • 5.2 Step 2: Find a site where the software is selling
    • 5.3 Step 3: Create an account on the site
    • 5.4 Step 4: Pay for Program Acquisition
    • 5.5 Step 5: Install the program
  • 6 Measures to prevent hacking of your mobile phone
    • 6.1 Securing local access
    • 6.2 Securing wireless connections
    • 6.3 Securing communications
  • 7 Identifying and fighting the hacking of your phone

Phone Hacking, let’s talk about it!

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s hear about what is meant by hacking a phone. And no need to take gloves!

A hacking of the phone consists in accessing it without having obtained the authorization of its owner.

Phone hacking can be the work of either a hacker or a loved one. But why hack? In the first case, intentions are necessarily bad. While in the second, they can be justified.

Good reasons to hack a phone

Why do we need to hack a phone? This is a question that can be answered in many ways. It is not the reasons that are lacking to justify such an act. Obviously, some are more morally acceptable than others. And of course, we are not targeting here those who would indulge in hacking a phone for obscure or unmentionable reasons. We trust you, dear readers. And we want to believe that you came across this article because:

  • you are a parent and you do not know for sure what your child is doing on their smartphone
  • you are a business executive and you suspect that one of your employees is the instigator of a leak of sensitive information; or,
  • you have heavy suspicions about your partner and you want to draw the truth from the false to find your peace.

Are you in any of these cases? If so, then you need to know how to hack a phone.

Hacking a Phone Remotely

Remote hacking of a mobile phone requires that you have spyware.

It is not only by him that you can spy, but it will first allow you to locate the target laptop. Some hacking software even gives you the option: “Keylogger”. It literally allows to infiltrate any mobile phone and so you will be of great help! For hacking to take place:

  • you still need to make sure that the person you want has subscribed to an internet subscription ;
  • you must of course download the hacking software that you will then install on the phone to hack;
  • as soon as the hacking software is installed, the worm is in the fruit so to speak! Because you will only have to remotely activate the GPS chip .

Thus, you will have full access to all the data of the hacked phone and you will know exactly its GPS position. All this, simply by means of his SIM card and the hacking software. You will even be able to hunt down your target and hack passwords. Moreover, spying on WhatsApp, Messenger or Yahoo Messenger will become child’s play! The RCM software is among the best Smartphone hacking software available. So you can use the latter.

Hack a Cell Phone without stress!

You want to hack a mobile phone, just for fun or “necessity”, but you do not want to spend? It’s possible!

How to hack a phone?

To hack a phone, get a good RCM expert to get it done for you. To do this:

  • you must send a request via email to [email protected] and get all the information you need to hack the phone;
  • you will then have to set up and use RCM by following the instructions on the secure dashboard and consultable online.

With an Android spy, you have a set of features regularly updated. The only thing that could cause you trouble is the time you need to install it: three (long) minutes. But once the installation on the target laptop is done, you will fully enjoy this Android spy! It’s the perfect app for any parent who cares about what their child is doing. He will be able to:

  • know the content of SMS that the latter is exchanged with friends;
  • know what they say by calling, because the software allows you to record phone calls; and even,
  • get an idea of ​​the environment in which the child is located since an Android spy is also able to record the sounds of the environment;
  • access his list of telephone contacts, and this may be the opportunity to discover unknown and deceptive names;
  • know exactly what he does when he goes on the web;
  • take a look at the photo gallery of his laptop and any other multimedia file (audio, video).

How to hack a phone for spying?

Many believe that spyware can only be used for questionable and reprehensible purposes. But, as we have already discussed above, we can use spyware to prevent certain dangers .

Several spyware for phones exist for free download. However, before validating your choice, make sure that it will serve you well to hack the target cell, in accordance with the law. You will then have access to SMS, MMS and emails. Similarly, will you be able to monitor potentially malicious activities. All the information you want to collect will be sent to you on either your computer or your own phone.

Learn to Hack a Phone

To hack a phone, you need:

  • find an app for controlling and monitoring the target phone;
  • find a site where the software is selling;
  • create an account on the site;
  • pay for the acquisition of the program; and,
  • install the software on the target phone.

Step 1: Find the right program

You must first and foremost find the right software. Because there is obviously no built-in feature in the phones and just activate to hack. To find the right software, browse the web, read reviews and comments on dedicated forums. Above all, take all your time and make comparisons between the solutions that come your way. But before looking for the right program, be sure that the phone to hack has an internet connection. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the information you are looking for. Because they can only reach you via the internet.

Step 2: Find a site where the software is selling

Once you have a clear idea of ​​the program you want to use for hacking, it will be very easy for you to find the site on which to acquire it. And then you just have to go there to do the necessary formalities.

Step 3: Create an account on the site

Among the formalities is the opening of an account on the site. Indeed, the data hacked by the program are sent to the site. You must then create your personal account so that this data reaches you and you alone. In this way, no one else will be able to access it. To create your account, you will need on the one hand a valid email address and on the other hand a password .

Step 4: Pay for the acquisition of the program

The best remote phone hacking applications are paying off without being expensive. In any case, they come back much less expensive than a private detective! Payment can be done with a credit card.

Step 5: Install the program

The installation of the program is a process that does not require being a computer genius. It is done in three or four minutes chrono. Upon opening your account you are sent all the instructions necessary to complete the installation. In general, these instructions are even accompanied by illustrations. Know that you do not need tools or cables. Also note that installing the program does not require opening the phone or even physically connecting it to a computer. It’s just a matter of pressing a few keys and making the appropriate settings.

As soon as the installation and configuration are complete, you can then hack the phone. You can monitor the target person at will, locate it, know what it does of his time, know his associates. And you? How to protect yourself from hacking?

Measures to prevent hacking of your mobile phone

To protect yourself from hacking your mobile phone, you must ensure that:

  • secure nearby access to your phone;
  • secure your wireless connections i.e. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; and,
  • secure your communications, whether calls, SMS, MMS or emails.

Securing local access

The very first step to protect yourself from hacking is to secure access to your phone . To do this, use a security code. Which will then limit access. The latest generation smartphones even associate this code with additional verification. It can be a fingerprint verification as well as facial recognition or an iris scanner .

Facial recognition is currently the least reliable because it is sometimes enough to simply a photo to deceive. Choose to accompany your security code with one of the other two options. And most importantly, keep your code jealously . Do not share it with anyone. This code must also be reliable. To do this, insert as many numbers as you can and change it frequently.

Similarly, do not ask your smartphone when you use mobile apps to remember your credentials . On the spot, you will think to save time for your future uses. But, in case you are a victim of hacking, all your data would then be very easily accessible. Finally, your phone must stay on you all the time . It is a personal and not a collective tool. So make sure it stays and you’ll have already eliminated a lot of the risk of being hacked.

Securing wireless connections

Be aware that you are exposing your smartphone as soon as you turn on Bluetooth. Make sure that the Bluetooth connection does not remain permanently activated. Disconnect as soon as you have finished using it. Because pirates could see there a gateway and rush to steal your personal data. Free and free Wi-Fi access is also dangerous Beware of it, because in general, they are not secure. And any connected person can access all the data available on the network. Then use the secure connections so you need to know and enter access codes.

In addition, install your applications exclusively through the dedicated service of your operating system. This is the best way to avoid trouble. Also, just allow for each new application installed, the access you consider necessary. And do not hastily read the terms of use! You will save yourself unpleasant surprises.

Securing communications

Be wary of any incoming communications that seem suspicious. Do not neglect any type of communication: calls, SMS, MMS, mails. Stay alert. The messages are especially large vectors of all kinds of viruses and malware. Do not always give your number to all the sites that you visit and that ask you. Otherwise, you will be bombarded with malware. However, these are hardly detectable. And they will not interfere then to recover your personal data which they would share for commercial purposes, for example.

For questionable calls, never call an unknown number! Unless the caller has left you a voice message stating precisely the reason for his call. Also ignore text messages that send you another message you need to listen on a given number. Sometimes, during your calls, you may notice some kind of echoes or crackles. This may be a network failure. But in many cases, it may also indicate that you are tapping: this is the phreaking. Avoid talking about important topics or stop the conversation altogether in the event of quirks on the line.

Identifying and fighting the hacking of your phone

To know if your phone is hacked, here are some clues to take into account:

  • The number of fraudulent SMS received: the higher it is, the greater the probability that you have a malware present on your phone is strong;
  • The notifications related to social networks: if you notice that messages have been posted from one of your accounts without you in are the author is that necessarily you have been hacked;
  • The phone performance: Monitor the performance of your phone. It could indicate the presence of malware. For example, if you notice a slowdown or if the device restarts without you having ordered it;
  • The unknown programs: check applications to detect those that you have not installed and feel free to remove, because it could be spyware programs.

Phone hacking has long been a secret service affair! It is very real and within the reach of the individual lambda. The techniques to do this are easy to master. But it is not difficult to guard against it either. Whether you feel concerned in either case, you now know what to do: how to hack a phone and how to avoid being hacked!

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